Fall Hike

Fall is my favourite season. I’m someone who loves sweater weather and everything fall has to offer (except for cinnamon being everywhere, since I’m allergic to it), but I always wait a week or two for the trees to really start showing their colours before I go hiking in the national park near my house. I find it’s more worth the treck when you have that view.

Since the sun was out for the first time this week, I decided to head out on the trails. I always know when the trees are just right by looking at the two standing in my backyard. They turn this beautiful shade of orange and red every year.

Some parts of the national park used to belong to a mining company until the mines got flooded and abandoned, so some of the trails can be rather dangerous. I usually decide to stick to the official trails instead of going off exploring on my own (mostly because I get lost too easily and I’m rather clumsy). There’s also this really beautiful bridge on the way that’s always photogenic.


There also used to be access to a small damn and lake further down the trail where families would go and feed the ducks, as well as have picnics. However, they’ve recently put up chains to block public access, so I sadly couldn’t go this year.

It also seemed like a lot of trees had been affected by the recent “tree epidemic” that’s affecting Canada and a lot of them had to be cut down.


A lot of their remnants were pilled up on each side of the trails just waiting to be picked up. I always tend to look up though instead of down during this season to take in all the trees’ colours. Maybe that’s why I trip so much?

Anyways, I really hope everyone is enjoying the weather and takes the time to enjoy this fall season. I know I’ll be out again to enjoy the fresh air!